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What is LARP

Ever wanted to be in a fantasy story? Do you dream of fighting monsters with a magic sword or being a mage chanting arcane spells? Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) is the hobby that lets you do this.

LARP is an interactive game where the players adopt the identity of a character in a fantasy setting and then play this character, putting on costume, reacting to circumstances as they think their character would react, and so forth. LARP has its roots in tabletop roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, except that LARP players physically act out what they want their characters to do. Many roleplayers find that the atmosphere and immediacy of LARP makes the adventuring experience even richer and more rewarding than tabletop gaming.

The game operates within a set of rules, many of which are in this handbook, that moderate doing the things that a player could not do in real life but is able to as their fantasy character. For example, the game allows characters to safely fight combats using latex weapons, and has rules to moderate the outcome of these fights. Casting magic spells and having special skills are also simulated through the game system.

No system is perfect, and decisions on how rules are interpreted are made by the referees, who also write the plot to the game. The plot is not a rigid script, more a series of events and non-player characters for the players to interact with, where the outcome is not always certain. If players react in a way that the referees did not foresee, such as siding with the evil Black Knight instead of capturing him, then the plot changes to accommodate this.

The fantasy setting is maintained by the crew, often called a ‘monster team’, who play all the different parts needed by the overall plot. These parts could be simple roles taking a few minutes, such as a bandit attacking a camp, through to complex non-player characters who are present at most events, such as a powerful tribal leader.

In the Eventyr LRP system a new land full of danger and opportunity has been discovered, and adventurers from across the known world are flocking to it. The new land is rich in magic, treasure and danger. The gameworld offers continuous adventure and the chance to develop your adventuring character as you become more experienced.

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