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Within the world of Verden a new continent has been discovered - Eventyr. Passage to this new continent is provided to all those that wish to colonise the new world. Many head out to begin new lives, to leave troubles behind or are lured to discover the the new treasures and magic untouched for centuries.


The land is untamed and hostile, where hardy folk are needed to carve out a piece of civilisation. Warlords dominate some areas of this landscape with the boundaries moving daily. However, there are many places where even they do not dare venture or try to control.


Within this continent of survival and magic, bands of adventurers gather to seek out the treasures of the ancients and the Gods, including the greatest treasure of them all. Found within the mines of Gratos was a scroll and upon this scroll was an ancient script, the script of the Gods themselves. The scroll is said to be one of the blueprints of life, but this one in particular is that of the body. Assessed by the greatest of sages, Raphael Dwent, it is predicted that once deciphered it will tell the secret of immortality.


Adventuring groups now gather to seek out the symbols of this ancient and divine language, travelling the lands regardless of the danger, following rumours of a possible location of another ancient symbol, and with these symbols they will decipher the scroll and become Gods themselves!

Blueprint of life
Map of Eventyr

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