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Getting to Eventyr

You will have travelled to one of the many port cities upon the known continents and from there sought free passage to Eventyr, to seek a new life and help colonise the new and dangerous continent.

The travel length varies but the shortest known crossing is from the great port of Zandor where travellers are at sea for no less than 50 days.

To aid with the risk of life to the sea captains and crew along with the very real threat of mutiny, no weapons, spell books, prayer books or armour may be taken by the new colonists. These are instead handed in at the port and exchanged for 50 Gold to enable the new colonist to start a new life in Eventyr.

The sea voyage no matter which port you leave from passes through the demons’ reef, a deadly shallow area of sea with rocks jutting from the waves like demons teeth. Upon these rocks are the carcasses of many trading ships, with many more visible just below the waves with their hulls ripped out and contents still in tact! Sharks are here in abundance keeping all but the foolish at bay.

It is this area that has kept Eventyr undiscovered for so long. Beyond the Demons’ reef the currents change almost forcing the ships back onto the rocks. Only with sail and oar can this deadlock be broken, this is where many of the colonists are required to take up the oars as part of their passage and survival!

Just 5 days beyond the reef lies Eventyr and East Haven.

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