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Crew Details

A crew member will help the design team by acting as the rest of the world for the interacting players. One minute you will be a peasant, the next a troll. The aim of any crew member is not to defeat the players, but enhance their environment, making the world believable and having fun along the way!

Crew get to play a great variety of roles and creatures and as such experience many things that a player never could. The roles can be a dramatic as you let them within reason; you will be briefed and given an indication of how to play the chosen role. Not all crew are happy to be a talkative merchant and barter with the players, or the mute peasant with a limp. You will never be asked to play something you are not happy to play!

It is free to crew to the extent that your camping fees are paid and there are no costs for you to attend. You will still need your own camping kit and food etc however and make your own way to the event.

For the most part, clothing and weapons are provided for you to act out the roles you will be playing as crew, these will be the top layer though. You will need a good base layer of clothing, which really needs to be dark in colour and plain (not plastered in corporate logos). Additionally consideration should be given to decent footwear, ideally boots that provide support as you will be on your feet a lot, they will get wet and muddy weather permitting, and look remotely in character.

Those that have crewed before and indeed have their own equipment and costumes may wish to bring their own things along. This is certainly acceptable however, we advise that you keep your own kit to one side and restrict it to your own use. We cannot accept responsibility for the damage of your own equipment and kit at the event.

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