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Eventyr Herald

25 Septemby 1156

Eminent explorer
Ptolemy Fairweather, one of Eventyr’s most eminent explorers, has booked his return passage to the mainland. He originally came to the island to escape bullying bailiffs having accrued massive debts from an assortment of madcap schemes to get rich quick. Having had to leave his wife and children behind on the mainland he was determined to return to them as soon as he could without endangering their safety. On the newly discovered land Ptolemy was sure he would finally have success at finding his fortune and put his heart & soul into doing it fast. Sure enough, he was right and as many local merchants will say, he’s worth his weight in gold. Let’s just hope he didn’t shoot the goose that the laid the golden egg to provide himself with a celebratory dinner! Today we’re pleased to be congratulating him, and wishing him a speedy and safe return to his family, but before he leaves, we got this exclusive quote: 
“This land is a bountiful place full of many hidden treasures. Through luck and persistence I discovered some of these, the locations of which I shall be revealing to close friends on the day I travel. In the mean time I would advise those with money hunger and persistence to search high and low. But I would caution any would-be adventurers to remember that there’s no point being rich and dead, your life is always worth more than the contents of your pockets”

28 Augusy 1156

The Ground Beneath Our Feet!
Great rumblings have been heard in the north of the land. According to long term residents of the land such phenomenon have occurred, albeit infrequently, throughout living history. However, though the regularity of the rumblings hasn’t changed, the significance has. They have been described as a noise like a deep, prolonged thunder, accompanied by a shudder. Some say that this shudder is felt through the soles of the feet, right the way to the top of their spines. Others say the vibrations start within the core of their body, beginning in their chests and radiating out. 
No-one knows the true cause of the rumblings, but the growth in their volume has certainly lead to a growth in the volume of old wives tales and wagging tongues. Many an old story has been awoken by the shaking earth.

3 Marcy 1156

Shadowcove the place to be!
Many adventurers are heading for the old pirate den of Shadowcove. Although a thriving legitimate village port now, there are still strong pirate ties. Recently though more of the infamous runes have been reported to have been sighted here! Shadowcove Mayor Tom Greenback says’ I can confirm the sighting of the runes personally, and I would like to say I will tolerate no trouble from any that come here seeking trouble!’

15 Februar 1156

Mild winter storms!

With the mild weather at the start of this year the usual storms are held at bay. Usually this would be considered good news save that no storms has allowed piracy to begin earlier this year! Indeed early reports suggest pirates are active just beyond Shadowcove! The local harbour master says’ with the number of small islands just beyond our shores they have plenty of places to spring from! In all my years I have never heard of pirate attacks this early though, bring back the storms I say!’

12 Decemby 1155

To Have and to hold…
Even with the onset of winter and the dark times a bright light of happiness still shines through. Within Lakeport two Norse adventurers conducted their vows in front of locals and fellow adventurers alike. One local said ‘The bride looked stunning; with the whitest dress I have ever seen. She looked like an angel’. The local priest said ’They used a priest of their own faith, who did a wonderful job of the ceremony. I am rather jealous as it has been a while since we have had a wedding in these parts!’

7 Novemby 1155

Dungeon Dwellers
Adventurers continue to discover new things in the land and the latest seems to be a dungeon. Norseman Wolff said 'I have been down that dungeon three times now, and each time I have seen something different' . Wolff had to rescue members of his own party that were trapped in the second level of the dungeon. News from the survivors not yet in.

4 Novemby 1155

Herald goes well in River Rock
Copies of the latest Eventyr Herald are snapped up by locals and adventurers alike in the village of River Rock. The blacksmith Clem said 'it is good to hear what is going on in other parts.'

28 Augusy 1155

Arsonist’s caught!
After weeks of investigation those that set fire to the warehouse docks in East Haven are caught. As suspected the break away Rogues den The Den of Artemis, formally the Poison Dagger Den were involved and two of their members have admitted their vile deed. The Adventurers Guild were pleased to have caught these individuals and stated, ‘There will be no tolerance within East Haven and none can hide from us.’ The question now is whether the den is outlawed by the Adventurers Guild…

27 Augusy 1155

Daring Rescue into Hidden valley
A group of adventurers successfully managed to find within the hidden valley of the Cyclops Salib brother to the mage Khalid. Khalid had been searching for his brother since he went missing earlier in the spring working as a cartographer and explorer to this unknown region. Certain of where to look after other failed searches Khalid drew several local bands of adventurers around him to improve their chances. The rescue was not without incident or indeed danger, yet Salib was rescued without loss of life to the large adventuring party. Khalid said,” The professionalism of the adventurers that accompanied me was high and I would recommend them to others. The torture our parents endured is over and Salib is resting back home where he belongs.” Khalid is now also the proud owner of one of the runes of the ancients, discovered by Salib and recovered with his rescue!

25 Augusy 1155

Adventurer Dies

During a daring rescue of the River Rock village administrator from local bandits one of the rescuers died heroically. Paloman the administrator was due to be married but instead found himself being held to ransom. The rescue was successful however, and the marriage took place later that same day. The ceremony paid respects to the fallen priest Brother Darjeling of the Order of the Leaf. The people of River Rock are currently looking to dedicate a shrine to the heroic priest.

05 Augusy 1155

Fire Reward increases
The Adventurers Guild has today increased the reward for the names of those responsible for the recent dock fire. The damage from the fire was restricted but as one AG member said “If the wind had been in the right direction, the whole town could have gone up in flames!” It is believed it was an act by a new rogues den but this is unconfirmed.

02 Augusy 1155

New Storm comes in Reports from Shadowcove are that the recent bad weather has passed to make way for a new storm. Merchants have been held up by bad weather for about 2 weeks, finally the heavy rains and floods have eased only to be attacked by pirates. Captain Horace said “If I don’t get these goods to East Haven then I may as well become a pirate myself!”

07 Jul 1155

East Haven Fire

The fire at the docks storage area last week still causes problems, and it is still uncertain how it was started. Adventurers Guild has issued a reward to anyone with confirmed information regarding the fire. It can be assumed that they will have their own investigators on the case also.

06 Jul 1155

Runes sighted!
There has been a confirmed sighting of at least one rune in the region of the village of River Rock. The confirmation is from the local Adventurers Guild representative who states ‘ I was pleased to find this rune, it was one I didn’t have and compliments my collection, I feel I am certainly a step closer to decoding the blueprint of Life’

06 Jul 1155

New Launch
Today sees the launch of a new service. The Eventyr Herald aims to bring you news collected from around the continent to help you stay up to date with the events that affect you.

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